I’m feeling very blessed having spent the weekend dancing under the stars in a glade beside a river.

Peru was a strong presence throughout the weekend. Many who took part were talking excitedly about recent or planned trips to Peru-the jungle, the mountains or both.


Deep connection to Nature, the source of our life force, is something I truly discovered for myself in Peru. I’ve been learning to develop and cultivate it ever since.

Energetically. Peru is one of the most remarkable countries on Earth. Imagine the forces that shaped its mountains, rivers and jungles. Imagine the people, cultures and shamans who grew up understanding those forces. Imagine standing in their shoes, just for a moment, gazing out from a sunlit terrace in Machu Piccu. Are you there?

I’m really excited about the Pilgrimage to Peru this November.

There are a few places still open if you’re feeling the call.

Come and meet my shamanic family and let’s take a magical journey ever deeper into the wise and loving embrace of Pachamama and the Apus. Exquisite scenery, vast vistas and many more varieties of soul medicine guaranteed.

Full details >

If you have any further questions once you’ve read the details please do contact me 




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