Full moon in Taurus today, a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus.  Another liminal portal between 12th Nov and 13th Nov opens the gateway of transformation.  From the stagnating constraints and restraints of the contained 12 to the infinite transformative possibilities of the mystical 13.  Mercury retrograde continues for another week, coasting backwards under the influence of Scorpio has meant we have been delving deep into our murky depths, facing our inner daemons and practising radical acceptance of what is.  In this process we can experience our tender hearts, our vulnerable underbelly our ego defences surfacing as we resist the deconstruction of our inner programs. Scorpio seeks the deep truth however, unpalatable that may be. This Taurus moon, the antidote to Scorpio’s force, offers us a chance to standstill for a moment. This fixed sign says sink your roots deep into Pachamama, bask in the peace of now and witness what arises in that space.  We are in the midst of a mysterious unfolding that is both personal and transpersonal.  There is much wisdom to be discovered in these swirling mists if we take the space to listen deeply to our inner being. With Mercury still confusing issues, making plans and definitive decisions is unwise.  Instead, Taurus invites us to focus on self-care; rest, nature, friends, good food. What is it you most need to feed your inner being right now? We are being offered planetary solace, space to enjoy our creations and our relations, to truly give ourselves what brings us joy in this moment.  Watching the golden leaves fall from the trees, softly resting our eyes in the glow of the autumnal sunshine, breathing deeply into our belly, restoring our natural wisdom and empowering ourselves through our connection to our sacred bodies, our earth temples. Wishing you all full moon love and blessings

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