Today a potent omen heralds the new decade; a new moon, solar eclipse at 4 degrees Capricorn.  Trine Uranus and Conjunct Jupiter it is a beneficent one – IF we’ve done our homework; IF we’re awake to our work in this lifetime; IF we’ve faced and owned our shadow selves; IF we know what we’re calling in.  We’re being asked to make a stand, to know who we are and why we came here. Here’s a clue – it wasn’t to be a sheep. We have been blessed with evolutionary consciousness for a reason. Uranus brings unexpected surprises but as it’s in trine to Taurus they are likely to be financially pleasant ones – it is Christmas after allJ The conjunction to Jupiter makes the seeds planted today abundant and expansive –  you’re not throwing a pebble in the pond creating ripples, you’re launching a giant boulder in the lake of your life, creating huge waves of transformation that will change the shores of your existence for many years to come. This is THE day to set intentions for the next decade. We’re entering the year of double judgment (2020) – divinely ironic – as we will certainly be living with the outcomes of our recent choices politically, financially, environmentally et cetera.  We are entering a building phase (more on this in the new year report). So, dear family, I beseech you, take a pause from your festive celebrations to tune-in and tune-deep today.  What do you truly care for?  What is the golden seed that lies in your heart? What did you come here to plant, pollinate, nurture and blossom? And who is the you, you need to become to ensure that seed is planted on fertile soil? Write it down, spell it into being and cast it into the fire of transformation. We can rest assured that the seeds we plant today will have the deepest roots and the tallest branches. The time of the Pachakuti (transformation) is HERE.  We chose to be born into these times. It is time to awaken the Lion’s heart within, to own our courage and make that stand for what we truly CARE for.  May you all be blessed with the revelation of your deepest truths and may the golden seeds you plant blossom into the New Earth.  Here’s mine – the scariest adventure I’ve ever contemplated.  It is requiring me to dig deeper than I’ve ever had to dig.  To hitch up my big girl pants, burn bridges and let go beyond anything I have yet had to contemplate during my 55 years on this planet.  Yet, to ignore the call, would be to let the golden seed fall on arid soil, starve my soul and extinguish my light.  So, I ask you once more family, what is that heart seed you care enough to nurture into life today?  Perhaps it may even be in alignment with our new community in which case you are deeply invited – sign up and join the adventure .  Wishing you infinite new moon blessings and golden plantings.

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