Full Moon in Gemini, mutable air sign ruled by Mercury planet of communication.  An extraordinary day for a potentially extraordinary UK general election.  When major events align with major planetary energies, I’m always curious to know if those who, in this instance set the election date, check the alignment of the stars.  Certainly, in ancient times those in power consulted with their personal astrologers and seers before making major decisions so perhaps in the secret annals of parliament there is someone plotting astrology charts.  Gemini often gets a bad rap as being two-faced, yet this is a misinterpretation of the mercurial twins.  Gemini asks us to remain open to both sides of the story. This full moon can hold the paradox of this AND that, rather than the usual default position of this OR that.  The question is, can we? We are being asked to make a stand today, to choose between this OR that.  Last minute changes of mind are par for the course, you may find yourself on the way to the ballot box with a clear intention of where your X is going and hear some news or have a conversation that can switch your thinking in an instant. That is the nature of this moon’s energy.  It’s anyone’s guess and with that mutable, paradoxical energy prevalent a clear majority is unlikely.  It is a moon that asks us to communicate and today that manifests as our right to vote.  Many of us are tired of the same old rhetoric, the same old faces leading us a dance. It can be tempting to ignore the whole farce and stay home; to believe that our individual vote can’t make a difference.  Gemini’s moon says no, get out and exercise your voice.  Remember that we are voting for a party and policy not a person.  Leaders change, parties remain and if in doubt, trust your heart.  We can only create change collectively, systemically and today every single X counts.  May this airy moon guide us all to a new collective dawn tomorrow, a true governance that serves the people of this country rather than the self-serving interests of the few.  Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

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