Dreamy full moon in Pisces today, ruled by Neptune planet of cosmic consciousness and intuition. If you embraced the Virgo new moon groove you’ll be well ahead of the practical curve and able to give yourself some well-deserved imaginative indulgence over this enchanted weekend. Emotionally intense, prepare for all kinds of tears as those watery depths you’ve been ignoring rise unbidden to the surface. Allow yourself the space to feel what needs to be felt the results will be illuminating if not always comfortable. You may find yourself questioning the very foundations on which your current life is built; is your path serving you? are your decisions leading you towards your hearts desires? or do you need a course correct? Virgo’s inner critic can find herself provoked by the energies of this lunar moment so save your deepest reserves of compassion for yourself. The Pachakuti -time of transformation is upon us and many of us are experiencing the chaos and instability of these times. We see the internal turmoil reflected in the external everywhere, from crazy politics; insane false profit mongering; fake news, to mother nature’s roar of pain through drought and forest fires. We chose this earth walk and this moon reminds us to remember why we came here at this time. Use this ethereal Neptunian energy to dream a new dream for yourself, your family, your planet. One of blessings and joy for all. A sustainable planet with rich forests, species diversity, the delicious irritation of insects, clean air, fresh water and vibrant food. We have the solutions we just need to be transparent enough, brave enough, to stand up and implement them – to give up the insanity of consumerism and embrace the new age of restoration. Pisces rules the feet, so slip on your dancing shoes this weekend and groove your way into this new age it’s all about expressing that creative, inner you – as you change, it all changes. As you flow, it all flows. With infinite full moon love and blessing to all.💜🌖💜

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