New moon at 6 degrees Virgo today, an earth sign ruled by Mercury, planet of communication.  With six planetary bodies all congregating in Virgo (Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno), that ‘back to school’ feeling is definitely upon us. Virgo rules health, service and fastidiousness – with fiery Mars conjunct be mindful of being overly critical of self and others – remember it is our mistakes, not our perfectionism, that pave the highway to success. Use that Martian energy to get your new health & fitness regime energised instead. With this emphasis on the earth element be pragmatic and practical.  It’s an excellent time for de-cluttering on every level, physically, emotionally and mentally.  What no longer serves you? Nature abhors a vacuum so clearing with intent supercharges this process.  What do you want to fill your newly created space with – more joy, increased vitality, more love, new projects? Clearing clutter opens the way for innovative thinking and new solutions to old problems currently supported by the harmonious trine with Uranus, bringing change, excitement and the whiff of revolution. (and let’s face it we could do with some of that right now!). This is a potent new moon for planting seeds of intent for bold manifestations that will bloom over the next 6 months in delightfully surprising ways. Virgo’s symbol of the virgin originally meant ‘complete unto oneself’ – this is a chance to commit to you – to truly put yourself centre stage – knowing that ultimately by doing this you will be in the best place to serve others. With this moon our emotional needs are fed as we feed others.  It is time to go beyond our imposed limitations with confidence and to trust those intuitive hunches, especially if they seem a little crazy and unexpected.  Virgo loves a plan but conjunction with Uranus suggests a willingness to innovate, experiment and adapt. A good question to ask yourself this new moon is: “what is the one thing I really don’t want to do, but know if I did it, it would create momentum and progress in my life?” – yes, that’s the one, that thing that just instantly popped up – make a commitment and just do it – encourage yourself by focusing on how amazing you’ll feel when you’ve done itJ  Wishing you all a huge pragmatic dollop of new moon love

I’m on my countdown to Peru – with 5 months to go I’m becoming increasingly grateful for my comfortable home – especially my lovely bathroom, with hot water and flushing toiletJ  Once there I will have very limited access to WiFi so will be switching to Instagram – please do come and join me there so you can keep up to date with my personal re-wilding process! @davinamackail #sipapu21 #wisdomthatworks

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