Full moon in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn and a partial lunar eclipse, visible in the UK as the moon rises this evening.  Casting a shadow and heralding the crescendo of this particular visit to the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse axis.  It’s been an emotional roller coaster since the new moon, with highs and lows.  Mercury remains retrograde until July 31st complicating matters and stirring the emotional mud giving rise to messy communications and general lack of clarity and progress.  Watch who and what shows up this month, those blasts from the past – they are Mercury’s messengers, the skeletons in the cupboard, that need our attention so that we can release and heal.  Faced with all this it can be tempting to take a nose dive under the duvet or find ourselves overindulging in our personal addictions/distractions – anything to avoid those shadowy, unexpressed FEELINGS.  Capricorn says no, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  We can use Mercury’s pause to sit with what is arising – and it will be surprising, unexpected and totally left field – just like all good psychological thrillers. In the grand scheme of the planet this axis is asking us to reflect on issues of home versus work; feelings versus discipline; space versus time.  Ask yourself the questions “what’s important to me about home, work, etc?” – are you in right relationship with these issues?  If you’ve got your personal balance right, then you may find these eclipses plain sailing. For the rest of us there may be an unexpected storm or two erupting through the balmy summer days. Luckily storms tend to bring rainbows in their wake – in the form of released tension, new clarity of purpose and a renewed faith in miracles.  Wishing you all much full moon love and a gentle voyage through calm seas. 

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