The Natural New Year finally begins – ushered in with today’s new moon in Aquarius and tomorrows Chinese New Year celebration of the Earth Pig. The sap is rising and it’s time to set the co-ordinates for our sail through 2019. After the murk of last month’s eclipses this new moon waltzes in like a breath of fresh air. Uranus, planet of surprise and innovation and ruler of Aquarius lends extra panache and expansive Jupiter is ensuring the new year celebrations generate the attention they deserve.
Born in the winter, the last of the zodiac animals, ruling the hours between 9-11pm there is a sense of completion to 2019. The Chinese for pig is Hai – (Hia)tus springs to mind – 2019 will prove to be the pause at the end of the exhale before the inhale begins again.
Key characteristics of the pig are honest, direct communication; introspection, generosity, intuition, family values, refinement, patience, tolerance and relationship. For me, everything is relationship so how does 2019 manifest that more profoundly?– certainly quieter and less dogmatic (excuse the pun) than 2018’s Mountain Dog – double yang earth – solid; stable; stuck. Elementally speaking this little piggy has yin earth over yin water which tends to create mud. Mud is more flexible than feet of clay. There is movement once more but the way across will have to be taken with faith the outcome is unstable and unpredictable.
Whilst there will be less head banging and more progress in 2019 we need to watch out for getting stuck in the mud; unnecessary mudslinging; muddied thinking and on the larger global scale mud-slides and flooding. Corporations, institutions and governments could similarly lose their footing this year. The key to getting unstuck is to ask for help and to offer help. Co-operation on all levels is the route to success in 2019. Equity for all our relations. Enjoy the presence of each other as companions along the journey of life. Love generously, allow differences, find cleaner, clearer ways to communicate. As we have polluted our physical waters so our internal waters (thoughts and words) have become similarly polluted. As within, so without. Time to clean up our acts – we’re in this together, whether we like it or not. The last earth pig of 1959 saw the use of the first microchip and the first computer modem, the one before that, 1899, saw Marconi transmit the first radio signal across the English Channel – what new ways to communicate might we discover in 2019?
Known as the Monastic Pig, this gentle soul could herald in a new spiritual awakening – the 1959 earth pig was a pivotal moment in Tibet’s history with the Dalai Llama leaving his home, yet to return. 2019 could be the year when we truly realise our power as consumers to change what isn’t working. Plastic is suffocating our planetary home. Vote with your wallet. Barbie, the epitome of the ‘plastic fantastic’ age was launched in the earth pig of 1959. Perhaps misguided in hindsight but the sentiment was definitely all earth pig – a doll for every girl – that word equity again. 2019 – could see an increase in recyclable toys. The pig is all about family and can be self-sacrificing – 2019 is a year to look to the greater good – are our actions today protecting our planet, our one and only home, for the next seven generations?
Pig has affinity with the Rabbit and Sheep – equally gentle beings who will benefit from the yin nature of this year. Pig’s secret friend the Tiger may also do surprisingly well. The reserved and contemplative snake will struggle with the Pigs open and friendly demeanour. Whilst the rest of us can enjoy the pause, complete our projects, reach out for help when we need it and enjoy connecting and communicating with all who cross our paths. 💜🐷🐗🐷💜
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