Wise Harvest – New moon in Virgo

New moon in Virgo, the sixth house of service and community, ruled by the planet Mercury manifesting in this sign as intellectual discrimination arriving this autumn equinox; the mid point of perfect balance between day and night. Teaching us to consider our wise harvest. Take time to reflect in this pause between summer and winter, light and dark. What are you harvesting from the seeds you have planted this year? What are you taking forward to sustain you through the long winter months? What abundance in your life are you celebrating and grateful for? What preparations are required to clear the way for the next cycle’s plantings? The ability to participate in ceremony and show gratitude is a uniquely human attribute and one that, as caretakers of this planet, is part of our sacred reciprocity with all that is. Virgo reminds us of our stewardship, our 50% of the partnership we have with all that gives us life. Whether it is a plant or an animal or both some being sacrifices itself to give us life each day – consider the ‘being’ behind what you consume today rather than the impersonal ‘it’ which makes it easier to ignore our over consumption. Use your intellectual discrimination to decide whether this sacred relationship of sacrifice and service is in balance. Do you take more than you give or give more than you take? This applies to all our relations and ALL our relationships – with every breath, in every moment – is the inhale (the taking) deeper than the exhale (the giving)? What new choices can you make today to bring your relationships into balance? Enabling you to ride the cosmic wave of bliss, which is that constantly moving pivot point of 50%. 49% and the wave takes you under -51% and the wave throws you off. This is the eternal dance of the sacred duality of this blessed existence we are currently experiencing. May your dance be celebratory, may your harvests be truly golden, may balance be restored to Mother Earth – with oodles of new moon love to you all

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