Your one year shamanic route to self-mastery

Dear Friends and Family,

The real New Year has finally begun!

Following 12 months of hyperactive Monkey, the 2017 Fire Rooster brings fresh challenges, requiring quick wit and practical solutions. A powerful year globally and personally, impressions will count and the early bird will catch the worm. The rooster likes to preen and crow. The road to success will depend on clear intentions and sticking to proven paths rather than risky ventures. Creative collaboration and community values will bear rich rewards as will careful money management. You’ll need those nest eggs to deal with the Rooster’s flamboyance! A good year for love and family. Conflicts arise as the rooster can be hyper-critical – ‘kill them with kindness,’ allow the age of chivalry to return.

And on that note I am very excited to announce my 2017 training programme. Natural Wisdom Leaders is a one year shamanic route to self-mastery, designed to fast-track you into being the leader you’ve been waiting for.



––Weaving seven core mastery themes into a one year intensive, this is the programme to discover and develop your talents as a go-to leader in your family, community and tribe.

––Work in a sacred constellation of students to decode your destiny, unpick deep conditioning, master core and advanced shamanic methods for journeying, divination, healing and ceremony.

––Build your relationship with Nature and step into your power as a channel for wisdom.

Starting Earth Day, 22 April 2017 the programme is open to 16 students able to commit to 9 weekend modules and an 8-day summer retreat at my home in East Sussex, with monthly online webinars in between.

As a living body of shamanic wisdom, Natural Wisdom Leaders is continually evolving. Each weekend is a different constellation, bringing fresh challenges, insights and joys. I and my shamanic partner Nizami Elé look forward to taking this amazing journey with you in 2017.


If you’re ready to integrate the shamanic path into your life, to discover and develop your talents, to master your shadow it’s time to step up into your Natural Wisdom

With love and anticipation,


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