Ah the sheer bliss of a good ole fashioned clutter clear. Truly, there is nothing like it for lightening the mood along with the load. Have just finished an epic one – the entire house, top to toe, down to the last paperclip. Clutter isn’t just ‘stuff’ it’s also tangled deeply in our emotions – our fears and insecurities.  We have to continually remind ourselves that it’s safe to let go.

Often we cannot do it all in one go we have to peel the layers off the onion…and keep peeling and peeling over the years. Coming from an extended family of hoarders I am the queen of tidy…but, clutter still persists…it might not be obvious to anyone visiting but I know it’s there. So beautifully timed for today’s new moon I have finally let go of several onion layers worth of old photographs, diaries and letters… some dating back as far as the early 80’s!

Nature abhors a vacuum so I’m calling into this beautiful clear space the perfect resources for creating our collective living temple in Sipapu along with time to write and reflect, connect with those I love and the resources to continue and grow all my myriad projects.

Finally we have some wind in our sails with Mars, Mercury and Saturn all turning direct recently. Today’s new moon in Virgo carries us into harvest season – a time to reflect on what fruits we have birthed this year and to give deep gratitude for ALL the lessons, challenges and serendipitous moments that have created our abundant harvest feasts.

With beautiful, fresh, abundant new moon blessings to you all

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