New Moon in Leo today, ruled by the Sun.  A collective “yay we made it and we’re still standing!” shout from the rooftops feels in order after the emotional bashing of July eclipse season.  Mercury is also preparing to leap forward once more giving rise to a collective breath of fresh air.  We’re not entirely out of the woods, many larger planets are still in retrograde, but August does give us a much-needed breather.  Leo’s exuberant, loud and proud energy is asking us to stand up and be heard, to strut our stuff with abandon and be the crazy, divine humans we actually are.  To take response(ability) for our current state and lead from our loving, generous, expansive hearts. In the Celtic calendar August 1st is Lughnasadh the feast to celebrate the beginning of harvest.  So, let’s get back to our natural cycles. Turn off the news, tune out our ears to the fear and scarcity mongering and use these lighter energies to celebrate the harvesting of our personal seeds.  What seeds of possibility have fruited in your life this year?  What are you grateful for in your life? What abundance and blessings have you been showered with that make you want to share with others and dance with glee? Reach out and share your success harvest this August. Be it a kind word, a phone call rather than a text, a celebratory feast with friends, a festival adventure with your tribe, a picnic with your family – It is in this letting go, this embracing and celebrating of our own and our tribe’s success that we will super charge our access to Leo’s creative power.  The fiery solar energies that inspire us ever onwards in our evolutionary dance with life.  It give’s us access to our higher powers, out of the small mind of lack to the souls dance with infinite possibility….see you on the dance floor family with so much new moon love and happy celebrating. 

I’d love to invite you all to join me on Instagram #davinamackail – I’m preparing to move to the Peruvian jungle next year and will be moving to this platform as my main source of communication (basically no wifi!) – where you can watch the unfolding of my crazy adventures there…more to follow

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