Today’s new moon in Aries, ruled by fiery Mars and powered up by the transformational Earth Dragon, kicks off the new astrological cycle and tells us Spring has definitely sprung -despite the hail storms slowing down the budding bluebells.  Aries carries both child and warrior archetypes – unlikely companions – yet, both are fearless and go where angels fear to tread. The child through innocence (in no sense) and the warrior through training and faith and that is the energetic gift of this moon.  It gives us the courage to face our fears, to reclaim our personal power. To walk up and laugh in the face of our demons and see them for what they are – manifested delusions created by our inner story.  A story filled with doubts, fears and anxiety – mostly about things that haven’t actually happened and probably never will.  Grudges, anger, resentments about people or situations that are our own projections and will undoubtedly return to haunt us in some form or another – Ayni = nothing ever goes one way. Dig deep family if we don’t find the courage to fight our inner battles then we unwittingly create external ones instead. This moon allows us to use our childish self to laugh heartily at our own ridiculousness whilst remembering to train our minds to keep focussed on faith.  Moment by moment trust in the primal power to good that eternally creates and sustains the Universe.  Faith in ourselves, faith in others, faith in life, faith in the infinite flow of Divine intelligence.  If we need to, we can use this Warrior energy to fight our inner demons of doubt and fear of ‘less than’ of gnarly old resentments that just keep us stuck. Or we can choose to put down our heavy loads and find the space for our inner child to dance exuberantly with glee as it creates miraculous transformations in our lives for the sheer unadulterated joy of it.  Wishing you all a gleefully exuberant Spring with so much love

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