New Moon in Gemini today, ruled by Mercury planet of communication. A definite cosmic shift from the recent emotional roller-coaster. This moon reminds me of the blue meadow butterflies currently flitting and racing this way and that attempting to visit as many flowers as possible. Similarly, our planetary twins are a chatty duo, intent on sharing with all who will listen and even those who don’t. This exuberant need to communicate, to be heard, stems from an irrepressible curiosity and fascination with information. It is also a result of recent internal reflections that have given rise to a new level of clarity we wish to share. Just like the air element that rules Gemini, carrying the data whispers from one forest to the next in gay abandonment, always twirling, spiralling, moving, rarely pausing in stillness. Intent on spreading the latest news from the forest floor. There is a lightness to this moon, it can be inspiring, energising, creative and invigorating as we pollinate and are pollinated by those we are in communication with. Always remember though, our powerful creative essence – our words, including our internal thoughts, are constantly ‘spelling‘ our world into creation. Ask yourself are you spelling a gossipy, back stabbing and self-sabotaging nightmare into being or an inspired, collaborative, creative, supportive energised dream? This moon says it’s time to share our greatest dreams and visions, to energise them with the magic of our word spells. To be curious about who we are and who others are – there is much magic to be found in this joyous enquiry.

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