Full moon at 22degrees Aquarius today, ruled by planet of innovation and surprise Uranus. A fixed air sign that allows us to take a step back and look at a wider perspective with a humanitarian bent. The water bearer’s jug drowns out the past giving way to forward thinking and fresh starts. To paraphrase Einstein – thinking and doing the same old things and expecting a different result is insanity – yet judging by our global leaders’ actions they seem to have missed that message. We need innovative solutions to our global issues right now and it starts with each of us. Full moons are the harbingers of change as they create tension between our inner and outer realities. This full moon is in opposition to Venus (love & money) and Mars (pioneer) – in fiery Leo. Fire and air opposition could cause some blow ups as the flames get fanned. Yet, this moon is asking us to take a rational look at our inner emotions. Our internal need to feel worthy, be loved, be connected, be purposeful will be externally reflected in our life circumstances. Instead of wallowing in the fear and overwhelm that, admittedly, can be easy to succumb to currently. Let us dive deep, pose the deep questions regarding our emotional needs and listen to what cool headed Aquarius comes up with. The solutions may surprise you; Uranus is a rebel at heart, and maybe we need to rebel against our old conditioning and beliefs in order to forge a new path ahead. Can we bury our emotional, ego driven hatchets, and need to be right for the greater good of all? Can we birth a new earth filled with love, purpose, connection, compassion, shared resources and like-minded community collaboration? Whatever the answer you can be sure this full moon will call you to undertake a fair-minded assessment of what you truly care about and how you are here to serve. Wishing you all infinite full moon love and inviting you to join me on Instagram @davinamackail – where I will be moving these updates to early next year. 💜🌖💜 #wisdomthatworks #davinamackail #sipapu21 #sipapu

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