Feng Shui Basics

I love Feng Shui because I’m passionate about changing people’s relationship with their homes. For me houses are not just bricks and mortar they are living, breathing entities that can help us attract more of what we want in our lives.  I believe it’s the most important relationship of all because it helps you understand, improve and develop all the other significant relationships in your life – those with your lover, your spouse, your family and friends and most importantly of all, with yourself.  This is why I’ve distilled over 20 years of Feng Shui experience into 200 juicy and relevant pages in my new book, Feng Shui Basics, because I want you to get passionate about your home and what it can do for you too!

Every home has a “stoDavina McKail adding a little Feng Shui to your life.ry” and it’s my job to uncover this story from the design and lay-out of a home. Everything from the state of your finances, to your health, to your relationships is revealed in the position of the furniture, the flow of foot traffic, your décor and your artwork. Because we’re so intimately connected with our homes making changes to our décor will create corresponding shifts in our lives.  I’ve long harboured a fantasy of revisiting the homes used in those TV makeover shows just to see how the occupant’s lives have changed due to the design changes!

Feng Shui is all about restoring balance, if something’s too sharp add some softness, too cold, warm it up a bit with some soft furnishings, colour or textiles. Remember Feng Shui is not static, done once and forgotten.  As our lives change, our needs change and so our Feng Shui needs adjusting to support the changes and bring us back into balance.  I hope you enjoy the book, it’s packed with practical suggestions and top tips and please do write and let me know the miracles you create by adding a little Feng Shui to your life.



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