Everyone needs a safe space, a space they can call home. Even if that space is your office, your bedroom, or in your
backyard. Learn how to ‘Create A Sacred Space’ from these experts in clearing negative energy, bringing in positive energy and
bringing in elements such as crystals into your space to pull in the energy that you need on a day by day basis.
 This Sunday, February 24 in Series 5 of the Mystical Connections Summit I’ll be joining Denise Linn, Judy Hall, and James Van Praagh to show you just how to create a space that brings you joy, positive energy, and aligns
your inner spirit.
In her lesson, Denise Linn shares how bringing nature’s elements into your home makes your space feel amazing and how to clear your home and office of negative energy.
I’ll be helping you arrange your home so that it supports you in manifesting what you desire in life
Gem expert Judy Hall helps you discover how to use crystals to draw love into your life, heal your environment, and connect with the heart of Mother Earth
James Van Praagh leads you in several meditations to help you tap into the power of your intuition and quiet
your mind and hear the voice of your soul.
Learn how to create your sacred space and so much more…this really is a magical mystery tour – join now to get all the previous teachings – use the link below to access special bonuses and extra events:
Watch now – here’s the link:  (you may need to cut and paste it)
May your land Spirits always be truly blessed
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