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  • Know where you’re heading?

  • On track – focussed, passionate and purposeful?

  • Feeling energised and positive?

  • Confident in yourself?

  • Happy?

If not it’s time for a psyche check-up to discover the answer to those blocks…

Sometimes our own intuitive and psychic abilities become clouded and we cannot clearly see our way ahead.  We feel confused and uncertain and do not trust the signs we read around us.  At such times it can be helpful to seek guidance from someone, such as myself, who is practiced in the art of tuning into and reading people’s energies. I have 30 years’ experience in offering client readings. I use a combination of shamanic “seeing” clairvoyance and intuitive insight together with tarot, oracle cards and palmistry to offer a comprehensive guide to your current life situation and the energies that are currently influencing you.  This is not fortune telling – if you are seeking such possibilities you need to seek them elsewhere.

I see such readings as a useful bridge between a person’s conscious and unconscious minds.  To move forward in life we need to have unimpeded communication with our own unconscious and this is where such readings can be very powerful.  As humans we also have the gift of free will so you always have the choice to take the advice or ignore it – nothing is set in stone, there are no absolutes, only unlimited potential and infinite choice.

I have been told I am a compassionate and inspiring guide and I will certainly empower you to take responsibility for your life and offer the necessary insight, healing or coaching you need to support you on your journey.  You will leave inspired, encouraged and with a plan of action!

Readings can be conducted over the telephone or face to face.  There is a lot to take in during a session as I work and talk at a fast rate.  Consequently I always record the sessions and send you a CD of the recording for future reference.  This also enables you to get the best from a reading as you have something to refer back to.

Like a six month check up at the dentist keeps your teeth healthy and highlights any potential issues so a reading with me does exactly the same for your psyche.

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What people are saying

Thank you

Thank you

“Dear Davina, Just want to say how good it was to meet you yesterday, and thank you for your help and guidance, I slept very well last night and am feeling a lot better about things. All the best, Amanda.” Doric Asset Finance Ltd


“Well Davina, you have managed to see through the bullshit and understand the person you are dealing with and all the issues that come along with the person.  You somehow manage to convey the negatives in a constructive way without judgement and encourage the person to use their own strength to move forward.   You are confident yet you do not come across as arrogant where your opinion is all that matters.” I Ackerman, Accountant, London


“Thank you so much for your encouragement, you're the only one who has given me such specific help!” J Cro, London
Thank you!

Thank you!

 “Davina, Not sure if u remember i met with you about 6 months ago to have a reading done. I just wanted to tell you how accurate u were! Literally everything u sensed and read happened one by one. The tower and devil was my major concern and had been worried about it since the reading but your guidance on how to control it help me work through it and made it work in my benefit. So thank u for that. My relationship with my family and people who have had a negative affect on me has always been a big struggle but your advice has really and truly helped me. Once again thank u so much and i look forward to having insight into the up and coming!” CB, Account Manager, London
Soul purpose confirmed

Soul purpose confirmed

“Hi Davina, hope you're well. I year ago I came for a session with you and you said that if I followed your guidance my life would change completely and it has! I mentioned the idea of starting my own ensemble and you were able to confirm that that was my soul purpose, well I've worked continually on it all year and we have our first concert this sunday :) www.spectrumensemblelondon.com
Not to be missed

Not to be missed

"Working with Davina is an experience not to be missed. In the amazing space that she creates and holds, she brings inspiration, wisdom, deep insights and healing; all of this and more help empower me and my results in my life, creating greater balance in both my inner and outer worlds. What more could you ask from a shaman? Oh yes, she also fearlessly helps me face my 'unknown unknowns', balanced with a deep sense of fun and (often mischievous!) humour.” Richard Bellars, Leadership Coach

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