Wisdom Stones

This oracle is truly unique and has evolved over a 22 year period – which is the time it took to receive each of the 64 stones. In Quechua the ancient language of the Q’ero Indians the term used for a small sacred healing stone is Kuya – meaning depository of power and affection. My Peruvian training invoked in me a passion for the inherent wisdom found in a humble stone. Polished and tumbled by life for millennia they are small storehouses of mighty information.  Each oracle stone has come from a sacred place of power from around the world or has been gifted to me by one of my shamanic teachers.  Each stone carries a particular quality or energy that transmits its message to the questioner.  They comprise a truly unique and powerful oracle dedicated to your guidance.

There are two forms of wisdom stone readings:

1.     Wisdom Stone Guidance

This basic thirteen stone reading is perfect for when you need clarity on your journey, at times of change or major decision making.

Using the structure of the 12 astrological houses. This session works like a normal divination session except that the stones guide you in what energies and qualities are influencing you in the 12 houses of life.  It also guides you in how the houses interrelate and affect each other.  For example how your relationships are affecting your finances etc.  The thirteenth stone is the central influence that links all the others whilst also offering the key that unlocks the maximum future potential.  The session lasts an hour and is recorded for you.  This session has to be face to face. (London based)

2.     Wisdom Stone Medicine Wheel

Sometimes we need to delve deeper. Perhaps we’ve been working with an issue for some time.  Or we have a repetitive pattern, behaviour or habit that has been hard to break.  Or we just can’t seem to get our life flowing whatever we try to do. A Wisdom Stone Medicine session offers a perfect solution.  It provides a sacred opportunity to delve deep within yourself and be facilitated in finding your own wisdom, truth and solutions – these are Game Changing sessions – powerful, passionate and purposeful.

Working one to one across the Mesa (shamanic altar) we will journey together through a dialogue with the stones that is recorded for you so that you can hear your own inner wisdom long after the session has ended.  Shamanic healing will take place during the session as required. This is a deep therapeutic process and sessions last between 2 & 2.5 hours. It is advisable to give yourself space after the session to just be. Take a walk, do some journaling or simply rest.   Please wear comfortable clothes and again these sessions can only take place face to face. (London based. These immersion sessions are NOT for everybody. They’re for people who are ready to face and live by their deepest truths. People who really want to give their dreams a chance and take their lives to the next level.

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“I received a 'Stone Oracle Reading' from Davina in July 2012. She recorded it so it could be played back - I re listened almost a year on and found it to be even deeper and more impactful than I had experienced even at the time. Profound, interesting, and incredibly useful!” Richard Bellars, Leadership Coach

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