Wisdom at Work

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This comprehensive service includes floor plan analysis; and astrological analysis of business owners/directors before an on-site visit featuring;

  1. Space Clearing
  2. Feng Shui design and placement advice
  3. Geopathic Stress diagnosis and treatment
  4. EMF & Microwave radiation checks plus advice
  5. Spirit release, if applicable
  6. Clutter clearing advice
  7. Healthy working advice
  8. Written report
  9. Logo analysis and business name advice if required
  10. 2 months post consultation email and telephone support for any additional queries that arise as a result of the consultation process

The major benefits of this service are always individual to the business and can also include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased profits
  • Improved quality of work
  • Improved motivation of staff
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved work relationships
  • Enhanced business opportunities

What business will benefit from this service?

  • Businesses who want to increase staff motivation and production
  • Businesses in the process of changing direction
  • Anyone moving to new business premises or trying to sell their business premises
  • Businesses experiencing high levels of staff absenteeism
  • Businesses experiencing high staff turnover
  • Businesses experiencing profit stagnation or loss of profits

Consultation process and fees

Wisdom at Work is a completely bespoke consultation. Contact me for a free, no strings chat to discuss your requirements.

How it works

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What people are saying

Another willing convert

Another willing convert

Dear Davina  I am sorry I was in such a rush and thank you for speeding up your presentation, which, although logical, has convinced me that we really do need to turn this place on its head.  So you have another willing convert to the powers of feng shui!!  Antony, River Design
New contract out of the blue

New contract out of the blue

“Just wanted to let you know the very next day after your visit we landed a large new contract completely out of the blue…could be coincidence but I’m a convert anyway!”  AG, design consultancy.

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