Spirit Release

Spirit Release

Occasionally when a person dies their soul fails to make the transition on to the next stage of their journey and becomes “earthbound”.  This means they cannot continue on their evolutionary journey and their presence can affect those still living.

They usually attach to a place near where they died or occasionally travel by attaching themselves to a living person.

Most people can sense if they have a spirit presence in their homes.  There will be a room they never use or a spot that feels cold or gives them the “creeps”.  Strange phenomena may occur and often spirits attempt to attract attention to their presence by interfering with electrical appliances or causing light bulbs to mysteriously blow.  If you have a pet dog it may seem to bark at nothing in a particular spot.

Earth bound spirits can be released in a sensitive and compassionate manner.  They are not “exorcised” or “banished” but can be gently made aware they are dead and guided to the next stage of their journey.

Moving a spirit on will have a positive effect on the energy of a home and its occupants.  However, space clearing is recommended as an additional service to clear any residual energy blockages once the spirit has been released.


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