Space Clearing

Space Clearing

Energy doesn’t disappear it simply changes form.  We all know this intuitively when we walk into a home and it just doesn’t “feel” right or we know there’s been an argument because “you could cut the atmosphere with a knife” and conversely we know when a place feels just “right” too,

Energy “collects” in spaces.  It literally sticks to the walls, the fabrics, flooring and furniture.  Negative energy can be detrimental to the lives of the occupants.  The ancient art of Space Clearing is a method of ceremonially clearing the negative energy in spaces and transmuting it into positive energy thereby giving the occupants of the space a fresh start.

Since the earliest times people have performed rituals to purify and uplift the energy of homes, temples, churches and work places.

Using an integrated cultural approach I ceremonially space clear homes or businesses where the occupants are experiencing problems caused by stuck or stagnant energy this can be in relation to health, relationships or financial worries.

Remember that when you move to a new space you are taking on the previous occupant’s energy.  If they have been happy, wealthy and healthy this is great news.  If they haven’t you would benefit from space clearing to ensure you don’t start to replicate their issues.

A space clearing ceremony creates a fresh environment, a new blueprint, to allow you to maximise your potential in all areas of your life.


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