How it Works

I offer a full healthy home consultation service which includes feng shui advice, space clearing, geopathic stress clearance (earth acupuncture), spirit release and electromagnetic and microwave radiation checks*

Generally I prefer to talk to clients before booking a consultation to see how I can help you and give you an idea of costs.  Fees are based on the size and location of the property.  If it is not possible for us to speak then I would ask you to email me via my enquiry form with details of where you live, how many bedrooms your home has and brief details of what issues you have been experiencing or problems you have.

I then ask all clients to send me a hand drawn floor plan of the house/flat that needs work.  This can be a quick 5 minute sketch on a piece of A4 the important bit is that you or someone living in the house draws it. It does not need to be to scale but should include the usage of each room i.e. kitchen, bathroom etc.  You do not need to include furniture but should mark doors and windows clearly marking which is the main entrance.  I would also like you to mark the bed and a circle for each person’s head that sleeps in the house and mark the direction North if you happen to know it. (Not essential at this stage.)  Please also include your date, time and place of birth if you know it. I will analyse this information and advise you of the work that needs doing and will then be able to give you a final price for the consultation including cheaper alternatives if appropriate.  I do make a charge of £75 for this initial service however, if you go on to book an onsite visit then this amount is deducted from the final fee.  In addition to the above* all final quotations include pre clearance work, astrological analysis, a full on-site visit, all expenses, travel and two months post consultation follow-up by telephone and email if required.

As a guide to pricing within M25:

  • £750 Studio flat
  • £1000 3-4 bedroom house.

Contact me for quotes for properties outside of this area.


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