Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating balance and harmony in the home or workplace through the skilful management and organisation of “chi”.

Chi is the vital life force that connects all things.  It is not air exactly but a combination of the water vapour and air carried on the breath which gives rise to its name Feng meaning wind and Shui water.

For all its mystery Feng Shui evolved from the basic realisation that people are affected by their surroundings.  It is about moving with the tides of life rather than against them.

Much of the information does come from China however, its principles are universal and every culture, whatever they may call it, has an understanding of how humans interact with their environment.

Quantum physics teaches us that everything in the universe is connected and made up of energy.  Therefore everything in our homes has a corresponding impact on our lives either good or bad because we are intimately connected with them.

Our living spaces mirror and reflect our life experiences.  They are an external representation of who we are.  If we change something in our home or workplace we will experience a corresponding shift in our life.

Feng Shui teaches us how to balance and harmonise our environments in a conscious manner to achieve more of what we want in life and eliminate what we don’t want.

Besides homes many major businesses draw on the expertise of feng shui consultants to reap benefits such as improved staff and customer relations and increased productivity and profits.


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