EMF ElectroMagnetic Field of Planet Earth

Geopathic Stress is a distorted electromagnetic field of the Earth.  The Earth resonates with an EMF frequency of 7.83 Hz which is identical to the alpha human brainwaves.  It needs to resonate at this frequency for us to remain healthy.

When this field becomes polluted it causes a number of problems for those living in the disturbed area the most common being health but apart from well being it can also cause marriage, relationship and partnership problems; poor business and financial struggles and  can stop a property from being sold.

GS is not only electromagnetic in origin harmful earth energies and underground streams can also have a negative effect for those living on them.

When we talk about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) being damaging, it is the emissions from human-made sources that are the issue, these can be caused by radio wave signals, nearby sub stations, transformers, power lines and an overdose of household electrical equipment especially near your bed.  An increasing number of scientists believe these emissions to be harmful to human health and well being.  The EMFs around our homes represent a growing health hazard as we live in an ever increasing technical age.

Spending a long time with either GS or excessive EMFs causes stress in the human body.  This leads to a gradual deterioration of the immune system leading to lack of health, tiredness, irritability, chronic fatigue, ME and potentially more serious dis-ease in the long term.

When you book a consultation with Davina she will measure the EMFs in your property and also check out any harmful digital emissions.  In addition, Davina is a trained earth dowser and uses a variety of natural methods to cure GS including earth acupuncture.

If you wish to harmonise your environment without booking a consultation you can purchase a plug-in device called a Helios (see Products) to protect your environment today.


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