Wisdom at Home

This is the ultimate residential service for clients looking to transform their living spaces into vibrant, energetically alive, healthy homes.  This comprehensive Wisdom at Home consultation includes floor plan and astrological analysis of house occupants before an on-site visit featuring;

  1. Space Clearing
  2. Feng Shui design and placement advice
  3. Geopathic Stress diagnosis and treatment
  4. EMF & Microwave radiation checks plus advice
  5. Spirit release, if applicable
  6. Clutter clearing advice
  7. Life coaching where required
  8. Healthy living advice
  9. Written report including relevant astrological analysis
  10. 2 months post consultation email and telephone support if required

The major benefits of this service are always individual to the client and can include:

  • Your house feeling lighter, brighter, more spacious and truly becoming your “home”
  • Increased focus and clarity
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • More energy and vitality
  • Revitalised Health
  • Greater luck and wealth
  • Greater sense of harmony and happiness
  • Improved relationships
  • Enhanced Opportunities
  • Significant positive transformation just where you need it most.

Who will benefit from this service?

  • Anyone experiencing a change in health, finances, relationships, happiness or luck since moving home or building an extension on their existing home
  • People interested in maximising the health giving properties of their living space
  • Anyone moving to a new home or trying to sell an old home
  • Anyone looking for a  relationship or has problems in an existing relationship
  • Anyone with unexplained phenomena happening in their homes
  • Anyone experiencing problems with their neighbours or neighbourhood
  • Anyone experiencing a “drop” in energy or other negative feeling when they enter their homes.

How it works

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What people are saying

A tremendous experience

A tremendous experience

Hi Davina - thank you so much for coming to work on our house.  It was a tremendous experience and I am sure the reverberations of your visit will forever have a positive impact on our lives.  With best of wishes, Lindy and John Cutler, Geneva
So different it rather shocked me

So different it rather shocked me

“Just to let you know Lottie slept like the proverbial log and when I went to wake her this morning that passageway felt warm and vibrant and so different that it rather shocked me.  Emily is clearing madly and commented that something felt better but cannot put her finger on it!  Simon is home tomorrow so will list bury together and discuss baskets and books at length - it is all rather exciting. So many thank yous,” Nicola, Herts
Transformed overnight

Transformed overnight

“Hello and Welcome to my new world of peace on earth. Dear Davina thankyou so much for your beauty and grace and peace. My home has been transformed into a haven overnight and the light and healing I have found is profound.I will be working on my affirmations this afternoon but my home is so different and I will implement the proposed changes in terms of pictures etc as soon as possible. Abundant Blessings,” Michele G, Guildford
Pretty dramatic change

Pretty dramatic change

Just thought i would send you a quick email update since you were here and also say a huge thank you for your time spent here last Friday. Its been a pretty dramatic change both within me and within the flat since you came and i am truly grateful for that!!! …. most of all everyone who has been in my flat says it feels different - in a good way - feels calmer and better and that is great cos its how i feel - they have even noticed a difference in me - even those who didn't know you had visited!”  - Jules S, Account Manager, Hospitality Industry, London
Wish we'd done this earlier

Wish we'd done this earlier

“Thank you so much for all the work you did for us on Tuesday. Life's been very busy since we decided to hire you...! Everything's made perfect sense to us and I guess with hindsight we wish we'd done it earlier... We've noticed the house feeling lighter (might have something to do with the fact that many of the pictures have come down..!), especially the energy in the guest bed, thank you so much for all your positive input and support.” Henrietta, Executive Coach, London.
Skeptical at first...

Skeptical at first...

“After 18mths of trying to get pregnant, Davina offered to help us.  I have to admit I was slightly skeptical of the crystal hanging and “floral specifications” but within a few weeks Louisa and I were expecting our first child.  Thank you so very much Davina – you have changed our lives.”  J Beckham, Actor, London 

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