Distant Healing

Distant healing is healing performed when the client is not present. It is possible to transmit healing energies over any distance and this form of healing can be very effective.

Energy sent with intention is able to work across the barriers of time and space which makes distance healing possible.

If you would like to research more about this type of healing I would suggest you start here at the Institute of Noetic Sciences http://noetic.org/research/project/compassionate-intention-prayer-and-distant-healing/reading/

Distance healing is ideal for people who are in hospital or too ill to travel, or if you live in a different country.

What happens when you book a session?

I will then get back to you with an appointment time. During the appointment, you are asked to lie down and rest for an hour.  During this time, I will travel to the Spirit world on your behalf to tune into the cause of your issues and their resolution. You will also be receiving healing. Some people will not feel anything, while others will feel a multitude of different sensations.  I will contact you after the session to share what information I received and give you recommendations for going forward if applicable.

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Distant Healing
£150 for up to 3 Tune-Ins

What people are saying

Positive and proactive again

Positive and proactive again

“Just thought I'd give you a quick update to let you know I am feeling so much better.  You've definitely reversed the downward cycle and I am improving by the day, and getting back to feeling like myself.  The house feels better too.   I've got more energy, and feel more positive and proactive again.  My empty rental property has found a tenant and the tenant paid 6 months up front!   It really has done the trick, and I'm sure that things will continue to improve slowly but surely. I am so grateful for your help and in awe of your talents!” DT, Osteopath, Scotland

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