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I believe we are all magnificent, glorious beings and I do not believe we are “broken” nor do we need “fixing”.  However, there are times in life when most of us experience blocks, anxiety or stuckness of some kind, when something is stopping us being all we can be. Perhaps an old pattern, cellular memory, stuck emotion, phobia or habit that continues to hold us back. For these kinds of issues I offer Shamanic Life Coaching.  This is a deeply personal, healing process working on a one to one basis, usually at my London premises or via Skype/Telephone. It reaches deep inside to unhook the lynch pin that causes the problem to disappear.  Each session is different and utilises a unique combination of intuitively guided processes as we are all individuals and no single process works for everyone. Sessions last one hour from £100.

The major benefit of this process compared to other types of personal therapy is fast, sustainable change.  Often clients only need between 1 and 3 sessions for their problem to completely disappear.  Other benefits include:

  • Clearance of unhelpful behaviours
  • Elimination of bad habits including smoking, eating disorders and phobias
  • Belief changes and removal of limiting decisions
  • Clearance of big emotions such as anger; sadness; fear; guilt and grief.
  • Unleashed creativity, energy and vitality
  • More joy and happiness
  • Increased concentration, focus and clarity
  • Calmness of mind, body and spirit
  • Help with anxiety and depression
  • Support with health related issues
  • Removal of emotional blocks
  • Removal of creative blocks

Many clients use these sessions on a regular, ongoing basis not for specific problems but rather as a “battery charging” session to keep themselves clear, focused, energetically vital and creatively in tune with their lives and dreams.

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So pleased

So pleased

“Thank you for this morning, it was really good to speak to you and I have my head spinning with ideas…. I have done my New Moon targets and changed my signature….I am so, so pleased I have asked you to help me, thank you.” CBS, Jersey, Customer Service Guru

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