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The logo is arguably the most valuable asset of any organisation in its ability to instantly convey the ethos of that organisation.  Studies have shown that branded fashion items with the logo removed lose almost all their sale value.

The language of logo is insidious because it speaks directly to our unconscious mind – that part of our psyche that records all the minutiae of our lives without our conscious awareness.  A logo can become embedded in our unconscious psyche in a fraction of a second.  The human psyche is symbol literate and is constantly responding to their encoded messages.

A logo entices us all to share the brand dream.  It visually creates the energy of potential.  If enough people buy into that creative visualisation then the company becomes successful and a tipping point of success is reached.  The logo symbolises the authentic core of the company it represents, whether intentionally or not.  A good logo will encapsulate the essence of the business it is representing and a bad one may convey an unintentional negative message or simply not be in alignment with what the company offers.  The logo is where the corporate spirit interfaces with the commercial world and entices us to buy into the brand dream.

The magic of logo allure comes from a base need to identify – we are ultimately social creatures – knowing that survival is based on the collective, the community.  The logo/brand advertises the values of the tribe, the company, the organisation etc inviting us if we wish to be aligned with it or not. It is beyond the rational mind and designed to provoke our emotions.  Emotions are the driving force when we make our choice for any particular brand. These emotions are triggered by the logo.  Hence the design of your logo is the lynch pin to your company’s success.  I have spent my life studying and understanding the realms of the unconscious and the symbols inherent in that metaphoric landscape.  It is this unique expertise that I bring to your logo design to ensure it works on every level and catapults your organisation to the success it dreams of.

Working in conjunction with my own team of designers and website developers I can offer a one-stop shop solution for your logo design, update or development.  Alternatively you can consult me on an advisory basis to work alongside your chosen design team to update, create or re-design an existing or intended logo.  I also offer logo analysis for investors considering opportunities and wanting an alternative insight into how their intended investments may develop.

This is a bespoke service as individual as the client themselves and fees will be dependent on the nature of the brief and how involved my role will be.  Sometimes it is simply a tweak of a current design or a change of colour at others it is inventing a whole logo/brand from the outset.

What people are saying

An uncanny sense of the values

An uncanny sense of the values

"Davina understands the symbology of logos better than anyone I know. She also has an uncanny sense of the values and inner beliefs, personal and corporate, conscious and unconscious, which lie behind the choice of all logos and branding."  Martin Armitage-Smith, Investor & Social Entrepreneur
The power of logos is immense

The power of logos is immense

"The power of logos is immense and some of them now rank among the most valuable assets on the planet. What does it take to create a logo that evokes us powerful a reaction as the likes of Apple? Ignore the advice of Davina MacKail at your own peril." Swen Lorenz, serial entrepreneur and investor, CEO of Charles Darwin Foundation

Discover the elemental forces at work in your logo.

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